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A Staff Recruitment Agency In Philadelphia

Kings Staffing LLC makes employee recruitment easier, one job search at a time. We are a staff recruitment agency in Philadelphia whose services are designed to cater to work force professionals and employers seeking to fill necessary vacancies within your organization. We will increase your company's operational efficiency and help you experience real cost savings by assuming all responsibilities involved with employee management.

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We are a trained, qualified, professional staffing agency, and throughout our years of experience, we have recognized the need for quality professionals across various industries. To solve this problem, Kings Staffing provides professionals for agencies in the industrial, administrative and educational industries plus many more! Let us help you save time and money when sourcing staff for your facility.

Kings Staffing Agency - Staff Recruitment Agency, Philadelphia

Helping Businesses & Organizations

Kings Staffing LLC focuses on providing clients with experienced  workers in a prompt, stress-free manner that increases operational efficiency. This requires a high level of communication, which involves asking open-ended questions and listening—not talking. It also means knowing the local market so that we can really serve each client. You can experience incredible cost savings by having our trusted team assume responsibilities such as:

  • Recruiting
  • Interviewing
  • Screening
  • Skill Evaluations
  • Hiring
  • Paperwork
  • Payroll
  • Professional Development

The services available to our business clients are ideal for many common issues, such as fluctuations in staffing demands and last-minute call outs. Of course,this would be a problem in any indstry and Kings Staffing LLC has them on hand for short-term and long-term assignments.

Professionals Looking for Work

Our job search services are ideal for business professionals, administrative staff, child care experts, and those in the field of education. We make sure to provide our professionals with opportunities for growth through training and professional development. Our company provides temporary staffing and direct-hire staffing solutions, so don't hesitate to request our assistance as a trained, qualified, professional staffing agency in Philadelphia with finding any kind of work.


Business Executives
• Chief Executive Officers
• Presidents
• Directors

Business Professionals
• Human Resource Professionals
• Customer Service Representative
• Administrative Assistants
• Data Entry
• Office Managers
• Receptionist

Environmental Service Workers
• Maintenance /Janitorial Professionals
• Parks and Recreation Clean up
• Medical Facility Housekeeping

• Certified Teachers
• Group Supervisors
• Paraprofessionals
• Teacher Assistants

Industrial / Warehouses
• Pickers/Packers
• Assembly Line
• General Warehousing Professionals
• Construction Laborers
• Flaggers

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Kings Staffing Agency - Trained, Qualified, Professional Staffing Agency In Philadelphia


Kings Staffing Agency - Staff Recruitment Agency Philadelphia